Meet our new mascot, Max

Every team deserves a mascot. With this in mind we set out to find the suitable candidate. A task you would expect to be relatively simple ended up taking all our focus for an entire week! We all knew that this was an important decision and we wanted to get it just right.

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Gorrilla redesigns – good or bad?

There seems to be a new trend lately, where young aspiring designers will take a stab at redesigning an existing site or brand. Considering these designs were never commissioned, they are commonly referred to as "Gorilla Redesigns", taken I suppose from the term Gorilla Marketing.

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You guys may remember I switched over to Sketch a couple of weeks ago, from the ever clunky, bloated and expensive Fireworks and boy I've never been happier! It really is amazing how the lads at Bohemian Coding have managed to squeeze so many time saving tools, into such a small app! Here is my impressions on using Sketch full time over the past couple of weeks.

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Improve your workflow with SSH and the terminal

2014 is the year to ditch your ftp client and learn how to manage your server via your terminal (or MS Dos if you're on Windows). Not only is a blazingly faster than ftp, but it's also a zillion times more powerful. Get ready - you'll be a SSH ninja by the time you're done reading this post.

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